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Centrifuge Disc Cleaning

Currently, the cleaning process for a high speed centrifuge is both labor intensive and tedious. Most companies require the use of a technician to clean each centrifuge disc by hand, which involves scrubbing the discs with cleaning chemistry, brushes and rags to remove the built up crude oil sludge. Cleaning Technologies Group can reduce your company's centrifuge cleaning labor costs up to 70% with an immersion wash sequence in the Agisonic/AT 6565 tank. Aside from disassembly and reassembly of the centrifuge, the only manual labor necessary is the loading of the discs into the cleaning tank. Depending on the size of the cleaning system, a complete set of discs can be loaded and cleaned in just 15 minutes. The discs and other components are then ready to be re-installed, and the centrifuge can be put back on line.
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