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Basket and Box Washers

Unitech basket and box washers are designed to meet a variety of needs. They are ideal for washing baskets, boxes, crates, pallets, tote bins and utensils. Whether you are looking for a stand-alone unit or a fully integrated system, we can build a basket and box washer to suit your specific requirements.

  • Unitech’s tunnel jet design offers continuous in-line washing for baskets & boxes
  • Effective cleaning is provided via stainless steel, quick release fan jets
  • Washing pressures of 60-80 psi ensure all product surfaces are thoroughly cleaned
  • Various pre-wash, wash, rinse, sanitizing and drying options are available

Unitech basket and box washers are suitable for both low and high risk areas, all without the need for a change of specification.

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Basket and Box Washers
Basket and Box Washers
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