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Tote Bin / Buggy Washers

Unitech manufactures tote bin washers, euro bin washers, and buggy washers, all available with a variety of options, so you can customize the equipment to suit your exact needs. Our bin washers provide an effective overall clean for all types of soil and debris.

Unitech tote bin washer features:

  • Customizable, energy efficient washer design
  • Fully washes internally and externally
  • Wheel wash via high impact jetting arms
  • Programmable to provide varying degrees of cleaning in one system

The unique design of our tote bin washers facilitates the cleaning of the unit and reduces the opportunity for bacterial traps. A unique, optional filtration system allows heavy debris or protein-based products to be pre-washed from the bins. This prevents soil from entering the main wash reservoir, and consequently minimizes both detergent and water usage.

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Tote Bin / Buggy Washers
Tote Bin / Buggy Washers
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