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Robotic Handling & Automation

How Can Robotic Handling & Automation Improve Your Operations?

The introduction of robotic and other customized automation to parts washing systems has allowed manufacturers to increase efficiency and improve quality by reducing labor, increasing production, and enhancing profitability.

Manufacturers in many industries have benefited in many ways from automated washing systems. Cleaning Technologies Group (CTG) has significant experience and expertise in the development of parts washing systems which include integrated robotic handling and customized automation. We have developed a new guide designed to highlight some of the many advantages manufacturers have gained through the use of automated and robotic parts washing systems. Topics include:

  • A New Dimension of Capability and Cost Savings
  • Programmable Controls for Robotic Parts Handling and Parts Cleaning
  • Robot Tended Cells and Modular Design Systems
  • Robotic Parts Cleaning In Action

We invite you to download this free guide, then contact us to discuss specific ideas for increasing efficiency in your processes, improving product quality, and reaching higher levels of productivity and profitability with automated and robotic parts washing systems.

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