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Water Pre-Treatment

Water Pre-TreatmentRansohoff's Environmental Systems Group offers a unique line of high efficiency Reverse Osmosis (RO) water purification systems ranging in capacity from 60 gallons per hour up to 1200 gallons per hour. Our unique RO process utilizes a proprietary pre-treatment chemistry

which eliminates the need for carbon towers and auxiliary water softening while reliably delivering high quality RO water for use in a variety of industrial processes. Our easy to access and operate systems also feature all stainless steel piping and braided tubing, fully adjustable stainless steel metering valves for pressure and flow monitoring, digital TDS meters to monitor water quality, in-line 5 micron pre-filtration, pre-wiring of chemical feed pump circuit, and more!

Standard Features:

  • Chemical pretreatment virtually eliminates membrane fouling while greatly extending membrane life
  • Welded, epoxy coated tubular frame with powder coated aluminum panels
  • Simple to install and operate
  • Easy access for service, repair and replacement of components
  • Digital TDS meter to monitor water quality
  • Fully adjustable 316 stainless steel metering valves for pressure and flow Monitoring
  • Stainless steel pressure vessels
  • In-line 5 micron pre-filter
  • Pre-wired chemical feed pump circuit
  • Nema 12 electrical panel
  • Easy hook-up; 1 inlet, 2 outlets, plug in and turn on
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