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Special Announcements

CTG is proud to announce the recent addition of two employees: Ronald Davis and Jason Buck! Ronald Davis, of Ashville, NY joined Blackstone-NEY as a Production Supervisor on July 25th. Getting to Know Ronald:

Ronald Davis - Production Supervisor

Ronald Davis

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CTG is proud to announce the recent addition of two employees: Michelle Hoch and Trevor Beebe! Michelle Hoch joined the research and development team at Blackstone-NEY on June 20th. Prior to joining CTG, Michelle served 5 years in the U.S. Navy as an EMN (Electricians Mate Nuclear). Michelle lives in Falconer, NY and is a Physics major at SUNY Fredonia. Getting to Know Michelle:

Favorite Activities: Spending time with my daughter...Read more

CTG is proud to announce the recent addition of two employees: Haijun Zheng and Robert Walawender! Haijun Zheng joined Blackstone-NEY on August 24th as a Mechanical Engineer. He is originally from Xin’an He’nan, China and currently lives in Jamestown, NY. Getting to Know Haijun:

Favorite Activities: Basketball, reading, and skiing

CTG is proud to announce the recent addition of two employees: Yimei Luo and Kindra Hannig! Yimei Luo joined Ransohoff on July 25th as a Mechanical Project Engineer. Yimei is originally from Chengdu, China, and she received her degree from the University of Sichuan in China. She now lives in Mason, OH. Getting to Know Yimei:

This past month, Lyle Carman, Director of Environmental Systems at Ransohoff, co-wrote a case study on Ford Motor Co.'s Sharonville, OH plant and their use of green cleaning for Process Cleaning magazine. This is the second time a CTG employee and the company have been featured in Process Cleaning in just one month! An excerpt from the article is posted below: "Ford Motor Co.'s Sharonville, Ohio, plant has long been a proponent of environmentally conscious manufacturing practices. A supplier...Read more

CTG would like to congratulate four employees who celebrated anniversaries during the second quarter of 2011! There is no substitute for the dedication and enthusiasm of our employees, and we greatly appreciate their many years of service to the company. Congratulations to Rodney Morgenstern, Patty Farren, MaryAnn Alpaugh, and Nate Lester! We're so glad you all are a part of our team!

This month's Process Cleaning Magazine featured an article written by John Fuchs, author of CTG's, John's Corner Technical Blog! An excerpt from the piece on ultrasonic cleaning and the medical manufacturing industry follows.

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This past month, Cleaning Technologies Group celebrated Ransohoff employee, Chuck Noonan’s, 85th birthday! Coworkers and friends gathered to enjoy birthday cake and celebrate Chuck’s longevity with both the company and in his life. In a short time, we will also celebrate Chuck’s 65th year of employment with the company. “Chuck is an icon at Ransohoff. His dedication to the company is unparalleled. September 14th is a very special day for both Ransohoff and Chuck, with a significance that may...Read more

CTG is hosting the 2011 Product and Technology Training Conference at the Savannah Center in Cincinnati, OH.  The 2 day conference will provide our outside sales force with the latest updates and technologies CTG has to offer.  With a sales team that covers the globe this will be a great chance for everyone to mingle and meet other reps outside their territories, it will also give our staff a chance to meet the "road warriors" who are out there every day in front of our customers.   Many...Read more

Warsaw, IN - Congratulations to Randy Stiltner from Medtronic winner of the Kentucky Speedway Sprint Cup Race Tickets given away this week at Orthotec.   CTG hosted a reception for the Orthotec attendees as a thank you to all our customers and colleagues for their support throughout the year.  This was a great way to relax and enjoy themselves after a long day of walking the show.  The weather held out and all enjoyed themselves for a cold one on the patio. ...Read more

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