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Atlantis® Ultrasonic Systems Meet Die Casting Mold Cleaning Challenges

Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems

In order to assure the integrity of die cast parts, it is crucial to have a reliable and effective die cast mold cleaning process in place. When it comes to die cast mold cleaning, the typical design characteristics of molding equipment present some unique application challenges. The Blackstone-NEY line of Atlantis® Ultrasonic Systems provides a dependable and highly effective means for meeting these challenges.

The complex design of die cast molds makes die cast mold cleaning difficult. Die casting molds typically have many internal channels for the releasing of gases during the molding process. The mold cleaning process must involve the proper submersion of the mold so that each of the channels fills and is sufficiently cleaned on the inside. These areas must also be properly drained before moving on to the rinse cycle and drying cycle. Failure to adequately drain the channels in the cast mold could result in dirt becoming trapped within the mold. The sheer weight and density of die casting molds also makes cleaning a challenge.

Atlantis Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems feature large tanks starting at 200 gallons to allow for the proper submersion of large die cast molding equipment. Molds are immersed in a cleaning tank with an appropriate chemistry and ultrasonic transducers. An overflow weir and sparger skims the surface of the tank to prevent contaminants from redepositing on the cleaned molds as they are withdrawn from the tank. The next step after cleaning involves the parts being immersed in one or more clean water rinsing tanks. These tanks may also be fitted with ultrasonic transducers to aid the rinsing process. Once the rising steps are completed the parts are dried using recirculating, filtered hot air in an enclosed dryer. The Atlantis systems allow for the die casting mold cleaning process to be customized with additional process steps and other options to meet the needs of the specific cleaning application.

Atlantis Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems can be incorporated into a complete cleaning system with automatic material handling for many applications. Give us a call to learn more about Atlantis Ultrasonic and how CTG Technologies can design a cleaning system to meet your needs.

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