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Star Trek fans, and even those with only a passing familiarity with the enduring science fiction series, are aware of the many amazing gadgets and technologies featured on the show. Many of these devices have actually become reality since appearing fictionally in the 1970’s. Examples include communicators (cell phones), hypospray injections (jet injectors), tractor beams (optical tweezers), and phasers (stun guns). There are, in fact, enough of these marvels to comprise an entire...Read more

CTG Clean Hospital Cleaning

Manufacturers of medical components and assemblies are subject to an extremely high degree of scrutiny. Products used in this industry are critical by nature, and problems with defects or contamination can have life or death consequences. For this reason, medical manufacturers are under growing...Read more

Ultrasonic ShadowingThe ultrasonic cleaning process uses a combination of ultrasound and water and/or parts cleaning solvent to clean a wide variety of component parts and assemblies. Ultrasonic cleaning is especially effective for delicate or complex parts.

During the ultrasonic cleaning process cavitation bubbles induced by high frequency sound waves...Read more

Ultrasonic Parts Cleaners – More Power Doesn’t Always Mean It’s BetterWhen comparing parts cleaning equipment, you will most likely be looking at a number of factors including the amount of power offered by each system. In the case of ultrasonic cleaning equipment...Read more

The central element of an ultrasonic cleaning system is the ultrasonic generator, the source that provides the electrical energy to the system's ultrasonic transducers. The job of ultrasonic generator is to receive and convert...Read more

Advanced technologies require an extremely high degree of component cleanliness. Ultrasonic technology has provided a highly effective solution to meeting precision cleaning needs. Cutting edge ultrasonic cleaning technologies are used in the most demanding OEM markets to remove sub-micron particles from components used in electronics, medical devices, and other critical applications.

Ultrasonic Waves

Understanding ultrasonic cleaning begins with looking at the science...Read more

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