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Ultrasonic Technology Ideally Suited for Medical Component Cleaning

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Manufacturers of medical components and assemblies are subject to an extremely high degree of scrutiny. Products used in this industry are critical by nature, and problems with defects or contamination can have life or death consequences. For this reason, medical manufacturers are under growing pressure to ensure that their products continue to meet ever-increasing stringent standards for cleanliness. Ultrasonic cleaning technology provides an excellent option for medical manufacturers who need to meet critical cleaning needs.

Sterility has always been important with medical devices. Critical cleaning of medical component parts is becoming a more widely recognized area of focus in medical equipment manufacturing because of the growing recognition that sterility alone does not assure product safety. Sterilization is frequently performed after final cleaning, but unfortunately residuals of even deactivated biological entities pose a long-term threat to patients if these residues are not removed. This is problematic for a variety of medical items such as body implants.

Medical cleaning requires the removal of a broad range of contaminants ranging from large to sub-microscopic. Variable factors include hardness, solubility, substrate adhesion, and entrapment. Due to the diverse range of configurations, construction materials, and contaminants involved, cleaning for medical applications presents a unique challenge not often easily answered by conventional off-the-shelf technology. Thorough and dependable cleaning for medical applications often requires a combination of technologies, the most successful of which include ultrasonics.

Ultrasonic Technology Provides the Ideal Medical Cleaning Solution

Ultrasonic technology is a natural fit for stringent medical cleaning needs because of the superior effect that ultrasonic cleaning is able to achieve. Ultrasonic cavitation and the powerful collapse of cavitation bubbles are highly effective in breaking down contaminants for efficient removal. Ultrasonic technology also facilitates the ability to validate and document the cleaning process.

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Blackstone-NEY Ultrasonics offers a wide range of medical device cleaning solutions including ultrasonic cleaning equipment for immersible medical device components that require rigorous cleaning. Our equipment is developed to provide thorough, but gentle cleaning to remove all contaminants from part contours and surfaces for medical device cleaning that meets the most rigorous standards. Our successful medical device cleaning applications include:

  • Knee, Hip, and Trauma Implants
  • Bone Screws
  • X-Ray Targets & Tubes
  • Surgical Blades & Needles
  • And more

Looking for medical component cleaning solutions? Contact us to learn more about how ultrasonic parts cleaning can efficiently and effectively meet your needs.

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