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Blackstone-NEY Ultrasonic Cleaning for Valves and Fittings

Blackstoney Valve Fittings

Valves and fittings are typically intricate and can be complex in design. They require precision cleaning to remove debris, oils, and other production materials. If valves and fittings are not thoroughly cleaned, their performance and reliability could be compromised in their intended applications.

Blackstone-NEY Ultrasonics develops commercial precision ultrasonic cleaning equipment that is well-suited for valve and fitting cleaning. Our ultrasonic cleaning technology is highly effective for removing dirt, grease and grime to meet ever-changing manufacturing and cleanliness specifications.

An important advantage of our ultrasonic cleaning systems is that they are designed for quick and easy setup. Our highly effective solutions let you improve your cleaning specifications and free your workforce to perform more productive tasks, providing you with a quick return on your investment. The ultrasonic cleaning process produces cavitation energy within the tank, which attacks the buildup of oils and residue from forging, machining and heat treatment.

The ultrasonic cavitation energy will effectively clean valves and fittings for the highest finish quality. This means effective cleaning as well as savings on time, labor and material costs.

Blackstone-NEY Ultrasonic systems are engineered for long life, durability, and excellent performance, while also being aqueous-based and environmentally safe.

All stainless steel PROHT ultrasonic cleaning systems are available in various sizes and intended to sit on or be dropped into a workbench. This system is ideal for cleaning valves and fittings on a low to medium production basis.

The GMC 1818 ultrasonic cleaning system is a self-contained system that plugs into common power supplies for the ultimate flexibility. A stainless-steel package option is available for chemical compatibility with aggressive caustic agents.

The AgiSonic® parts washers are well suited for industrial components like valves and fittings. These systems can operate in harsh industrial environments or in precision cleaning applications.

Aquarius™ Series multi-tank ultrasonic cleaning systems are pre-engineered to meet a wide range of parts cleaning needs at an affordable price.

CTG and Blackstone-NEY Ultrasonics are leading the way in cleaning technology innovation, as well as with waste minimization products that are highly energy efficient, allowing for recycling and re-use of the cleaning liquids.

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