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Blackstone-NEY Ultrasonics Introduces New Cleaning Solutions at WITS 2019

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Blackstone-NEY Ultrasonics, a recognized leader in ultrasonic technology, will introduce a host of advanced cleaning solutions at the WITS 2019 in Wichita KS October 22 - 24, 2019. Visitors to Blackstone-NEY Ultrasonics Booth #543 will be introduced to several new products, technologies and services. Among the new technologies exhibited at the show will be:

AgiSonic® Ultrasonic Parts Washer: Constructed of all stainless steel, a robust ultrasonic cleaning machine designed for heavy duty parts washing with vertical parts agitation.

PROHT Sonic Tank: Ultrasonic cleaning tanks and housings are constructed of stainless steel with a Duplex Stainless transducer radiating surface to significantly extend transducer life.

GMC Series: Ultrasonic cleaning systems available in two sizes, the larger of which can accommodate parts with one dimension up to 35 inches and weighing up to 125 pounds.

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