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Four Cost-Saving Benefits of Critical Parts Cleaning

The level of scrutiny given to manufactured parts has never been higher than it is today. Between the demands of lean manufacturing objectives and strict regulatory requirements, the parts you deliver must be absolutely free of defects, including contamination and debris.

Considering the importance of parts quality, it is a good idea for manufacturers who have not invested in parts cleaning to give that decision another look.

Manufacturers have a number of reasons for neglecting the area of parts cleaning, ranging from reluctance to invest in capital equipment to an unwillingness to disrupt current processes and procedures. Far too often, manufacturers do not realize that these simple objections are costing them a lot of money.

Here are four benefits of critical parts cleaning that all manufacturers should consider in order to promote cost savings and overall profitability:

Parts cleaning improves product quality.

Before a part is sent on for the next step in the manufacturing process, it must be free of defects, or else it may be sent back for repair or rework. The expense of this problem must not be discounted. Especially in the event that a coating, finish, or plating has been applied over some kind of debris. Removing contaminants early in the manufacturing process is far more efficient and cost-effective than having to correct mistakes by removing finishes.

Parts cleaning makes your operation more productive.

Rejected parts represent time your workforce spends on doing the job a second time. Obviously that means a hit to your productivity and profits. Implementing a parts cleaning protocol that assures reliable quality will ultimately enhance your workflow and improve your bottom line.

Parts cleaning enhances the value of your product.

Particularly in regulated industries, a well documented parts cleaning protocol that includes dependable parts cleaning equipment will ultimately allow you to deliver a better product to your customers. Manufacturers are looking for the most dependable sources for components - parts cleaning will provide you with an additional value to add to you product.

Parts cleaning makes your customer’s life easier.

While this point is not specifically about saving costs for you, it does represent cost saving you can offer your customers. If you can assure them that they will receive parts that are pristine and free of any contamination or debris, you are giving them one less thing to worry about. Not only does this provide you with a competitive edge, it demonstrates to your customers that your priority is to deliver the best product possible.

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