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CTG and the General Manufacturing Industry

Milling and cutting

The smallest particles or thinnest layer of film residue can have a negative impact on the performance of today’s manufactured components. Compromised parts can impair the quality and functionality of finished goods to the extent that costly rework and delays are required.

Considering the demands of compliance regulations and lean manufacturing best practices, the pressure to produce flawless manufactured parts has never been greater. Cleaning is a critical part of the process, and it needs to be accomplished in a way that does not delay or inhibit production. This can present a serious challenge for manufacturers in a wide range of industries.

Cleaning Technologies Group is the industry leader in parts cleaning equipment and dedicated to delivering practical and effective solutions for a wide range of general manufacturing applications. Through our Blackstone-NEY Ultrasonics division we offer ultrasonic cleaning equipment for efficient precision cleaning that is environmentally safe and able to meet the demands of challenging parts cleaning applications.

Dependable Parts Cleaning for A Wide Range of Needs

CTG has solutions for a wide range of needs ranging from large multi-tank systems to economical systems for small job shops, including the Ransohoff Washmaster line and Blackstone-NEY GMC Series. Some of our most popular systems for manufacturing needs are highlighted below.

The Blackstone-NEY AgiSonic® ultrasonic cleaning system with vertical parts agitation is effective for a wide range of manufacturing components. The system is offered in three standard sizes, each with an integrated air powered agitation platform that facilitates loading, unloading, and agitates parts with a 6" stroke up to 15 times per minute.

The all stainless steel Blackstone-NEY PROHT Series is a line of ultrasonic cleaning systems that are available in various sizes and intended to sit on or dropped in a workbench. This cleaning system is ideal for manufacturers of small parts on a low to medium production basis.

The Blackstone NEY HT-IPA is designed for small parts cleaning applications in which a flammable solvent is required. Currently available in two sizes, this system is independently certified by ETL.

Designed to fit into a manufacturing work cell area or a smaller production environment, the Ransohoff LeanJet RB-1 and Lean-Jet RB-2 immersion cleaning systems clean using a patented washing and rinsing process of agitation, spray impingement, rotation, hydraulic purging through immersion, and heated blow-off drying.

The Ransohoff Cell-U-Clean line was developed with a small footprint in mind along with a single point load and unload to accommodate cell manufacturing.

The Experienced Source for Reliable Parts Cleaning Solutions

CTG has developed parts cleaning equipment and ultrasonic cleaning equipment solutions for nearly every kind of manufactured part cleaning application. Our experienced team provides a wide range of dependable parts cleaning equipment including rotary basket, cabinet spray and conveyor machines, benchtop cleaning systems, ultrasonic cleaning components and robotic cleaning systems as both pre-engineered platform products and custom designed systems. Our diverse application experience means we can access your parts to help determine the best process, machine, and chemistry for your parts cleaning job.

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