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Cleaning Technologies Group (CTG) is proud to announce that it has started a cooperative education program (co-op program) at its CTG Asia division with the Joint Co-op Institute (JCI) – a partnership between the University of Cincinnati and Chongqing University. The JCI students are all Chinese nationals who are studying a UC engineering curriculum being taught entirely in English by both UC and CQU professors. This program enables students to gain practical experience to complement their university education and better prepare them to transition into the workforce. CTG Asia recently hired Zhao Bi Han who goes by the English name Ivy. Ivy is a freshman at JCI in Chongqing studying in the Mechanical Engineering Program. Her desire to design machines made CTG Asia an ideal place to start her Co-op career. Another factor in her decision is the location of CTG headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. Ivy will finish the last years of her studies at the University of Cincinnati and is expected to receive degrees from both universities. Cleaning Technologies Group has utilized the co-op programs at local universities for decades. Barney Bosse, CEO of CTG participated in the University of Cincinnati Co-op Program in the 1990’s and is a mechanical engineering graduate of the university. “Co-op students are a great source of future employees at CTG and, while teaching the students about the various aspects of an engineering business, the company has the benefit of new hires being instantly productive after graduation.” The CTG engineering co-op program exposes the students to several different areas: the technical center where processes are developed and validated, the engineering department where the machines are designed and modeled in Solidworks, and finally to estimating and sales where the application principles are taught while also learning about price development. CTG Asia will mirror this approach to maximize the student growth and potential. Bosse continues, “We are excited about this opportunity to work with Chongqing University and continue our long relationship with the University of Cincinnati in providing students work experience that will enable them to start successful careers.” CTG Asia Co-op CTG CEO Barney Bosse, Chongqing co-op student Ivy and CTG Asia General Manager Enlin (Ned) Zheng at CTG Asia, Suzhou, China

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