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CTG Customer Portal Offers Huge Value!

In designing the new CTG website, one key feature that was at the top of our "Must-Have" list was a venue for collaborating with our customers. Effective communication between our customers and the CTG engineers during the design and build of our equipment is critical. The CTG customer web portal provides our customers with a single resource for sharing all project related documents with our design and manufacturing teams. As soon as an order is placed with CTG, a project file is created and login information is sent via email to all contacts involved. In most cases this would include our customer's mechanical and electrical engineers and maintenance and procurement personnel. The CTG Project Manager assigned to the job, along with our sales team, provides a brief training session for our customers explaining all of the benefits of the portal. Throughout the design and build of the washer, project documents including; approval and final drawings, project schedules, open issues deck, in-process photos and videos, programs, manuals, purchase orders and invoices and all runoff documentation are uploaded to the customer portal. This ensures that both the CTG team and our customers are always working from the same information. Any time a file is uploaded to the portal or downloaded from the portal all project participants will receive an email notification. After the washer ships from our facility, the project will remain on the portal during the entire warranty period of the machine. This will provide our customer's maintenance personnel with direct access to anything from a machine manual to the original PLC program or a critical spare parts list. Since it's inception, the feedback from our customers about the new CTG customer portal has been tremendous and everyone agrees that the secret to any successful project is good communication! Take it for a Test Drive here!

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