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CTG Receives 2009 Environmental Leadership Award from the Chrysler Group

January 2010 – Cincinnati, OH Chrysler 2009 Award Cleaning Technologies Group, LLC is pleased to announce that Thomas Haskamp, Regional Sales Manager for CTG, has been awarded the 2009 Environmental Leadership Award for his significant contribution to environmental excellence at the Chrysler Group.  Thomas was nominated for this prestigious award because of his involvement and leadership in a project that modified fifty plus aging washers at several local automotive facilities, making them more energy efficient. This resulted in maximizing production and quality for the automotive manufacturer while reducing energy costs.  This tremendous undertaking was not only beneficial to the Chrysler Group but also to the environment and surrounding community.  Thomas Haskamp has over thirty years of experience with CTG.   Over the years he has been involved in numerous upgrades and advances in technologies that have made our washers some of the most environmentally friendly in the industry.

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