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Diesel Engine Remanufacturing – Relies on Critical Parts Cleaning

The process of recovering used diesel engine components and machining them to a condition that meets or surpasses OEM quality is called diesel engine remanufacturing, or as it is commonly known in the industry, diesel reman. Diesel engine remanufacturing does not repair or rebuild parts from a point of failure but rebuilds them from the core part to include engineering updates that meet new and improved standards.

Growing Demand for Remanufactured Parts

The automotive and diesel parts remanufacturing market is expected to see steady growth to the year 2026 according to market research firm Persistence Market Research. This anticipated growth in demand is due to the increasing need for cost-competitive remanufactured diesel engines, as well as expanding automotive fleets and increasing per capita spending power. According to the study, the global auto parts remanufacturing market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 7.1% during the forecast period.

Close up photo of an engine for an automible

Remanufactured diesel and automotive parts are manufactured to precision standards and tested to assure that they meet or exceed the required specifications. The entire process follows an established protocol and is fully documented.

Parts Cleaning Solutions for Remanufactured Components

Due to the high standards held in the diesel and automotive engine remanufacturing industry, effective and dependable parts cleaning solutions are essential. Not only does quality control demand that parts be in pristine condition for remanufacture, the processes used in remanufacture must be highly efficient and cost effective to meet the needs of this industry.

inside of a Rotosonic™ tank

Ransohoff offers an optimal parts cleaning solution for the diesel and automotive parts cleaning industry. The patent pending Rotosonic™ ultrasonic cleaning system is an automated cleaning system that delivers maximum cleaning efficiency using high-pressure spray, part rotation, and ultrasonic energy. The Rotosonic cleans heavily soiled engine parts in a single machine eliminating the need to purchase a spray cabinet and an ultrasonic machine separately. This compact system provides ultimate flexibility with the ability to perform either a single process or both, depending on need. The Rotosonic also reduces or eliminates labor needs and safety risks of moving parts from washer to washer.

To learn more about the Rotosonic, or to discuss your parts cleaning needs with one of our experts, contact us today!

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