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Investing in Cleaning Equipment the Right Way

Investing in Cleaning Equipment the Right Way

No matter what your industry, success in today's competitive market depends on increased productivity and efficiency. This means examining all phases of your operation, including parts cleaning. Is the wrong parts cleaning process costing your bottom line? It may be time to invest in new parts cleaning equipment - be sure to invest the right way.

Investing in new parts cleaning equipment begins with gaining a thorough understanding of your parts cleaning needs. It is highly beneficial to have an energy audit performed to see where your current parts washing system could be doing better. Can cycle time be improved or energy consumption be reduced? These are questions that will help you determine how you can improve your parts washing process and what parts cleaning systems will best meet your needs.

Today's industrial parts washing technology includes a broad variety of options, each suited to specific application needs. Options range from aqueous and solvent-based industrial parts washers to vapor degreasers. Pre-engineered systems and custom designs are available to suit a host of component types and industries.

Ultrasonic cleaning technologies utilize multiple frequency ultrasonic generators and advanced waveform ultrasonic generators to remove sub-micron particles from medical implants and silicon wafers. A new generation of robotic parts washers combine extremely flexible robot-operated spray nozzles, precision worktable, powerful controls, and programmability to deliver optimal cleaning performance and efficiency for increasingly demanding complex parts washing requirements.

A knowledgeable and experienced supplier will help you to evaluate your specific needs and identify the best parts washing system for you. Make sure you get the right equipment by asking the following questions:

  • Does the proposed parts cleaning system meet all of my needs?
  • Was the parts cleaning equipment designed for my industry/application?
  • Is the parts cleaning system environmentally friendly and compliant?
  • Will I receive a life cycle cost estimate with my proposal?
  • Will the supplier test wash my parts before I place an order?
  • Does the supplier offer a service contact for maintenance?

Investing in new parts cleaning equipment will result in significant improvements for your bottom line, if you do it the right way.

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