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Is Your Current Parts Cleaning System Meeting Your Needs?

Four Questions to Ask in Evaluating your Parts Cleaning Equipment

  1. Was the current system designed to wash the parts it is currently washing?
  2. Are the parts meeting the required level of cleanliness?
  3. Is the current system meeting needs efficiently?
  4. Are you able to meet schedule requirements with the current system?

Too often, many operations rely on a parts cleaning system that is just getting them by. When considering whether or not your parts cleaning system is meeting your needs, you must evaluate how effective, efficient, and economical it is, as well as whether or not the process integrates well with your work flow. Thorough evaluation of your parts cleaning process could lead to making some very productive and profitable improvements to your operation.

Many companies rely on inefficient manual parts cleaning methods, simply because that is the way parts cleaning has always been done. When considering updating from manual cleaning to a parts cleaning system, many companies are deterred by idea of buying new equipment to do something they are already getting done. However, when compared with the costs of manual cleaning in terms of labor and consumable cleaning supplies, parts cleaning equipment can be a much more cost effective option. If chemicals are involved in the cleaning process, parts cleaning equipment also limits or eliminates employee exposure to those chemicals, creating a safer and healthier work environment.

Outsourced parts cleaning can be a solution for some companies, but it is not without its disadvantages. Parts cleaning services often require a particular volume of parts for cost-efficient rates. Waiting for the necessary amount of parts to accumulate can lead to work flow delays. Conversely, some businesses that have always outsourced parts cleaning may have experienced production growth levels that would now make investment in parts cleaning equipment a more profitable and efficient option. Unless time is taken to thoroughly evaluate the parts cleaning process, the opportunities for cost-savings and efficiency improvements will remain undiscovered.

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