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Parts Cleaning Equipment and Floor Space Efficiency

When planning for new parts cleaning equipment you are likely to focus on equipment capabilities and how the new equipment will meet your needs. While these are essential considerations, there is another factor to consider that is often overlooked until it is too late – designing for floor space efficiency.

Planning for the installation of any new equipment, including a parts cleaning system, must not only involve finding space, but planning for that space. Without proper planning, your new parts cleaning equipment may not be optimized for efficiency. Things to consider include:

  • Ease of access
  • Elimination of bottlenecks
  • Smooth workflow
  • Logistical planning for water and power access
  • Flexibility for future growth or change

Fortunately there are a wide range of configuration options available for implementing parts cleaning equipment within your facility. Options include standalone units, conveyor lines, and automated systems. As you consider your work space requirements, you can also consider these different configurations and how they will fit into your plan.

Your work space evaluation should begin with measuring available space. Be sure to consider fixed obstacles such as aisles, columns, doors, and walls. Although it may not always be possible, it is best to make your new parts equipment floor space plan work within existing workflows. If the existing workflow is working well, it will be most efficient to avoid having to redevelop it. If the established layout needs improvement, however, the installation of new parts cleaning equipment may provide a great opportunity to optimize your workflow.

An experienced and knowledgeable parts cleaning equipment supplier can help you evaluate your current floor space efficiency and help you to beneficially integrate your new parts cleaning system.

Interested in learning more about the most advantageous ways to plan for a new parts cleaning system? Download our FREE guide, “Planning for New Cleaning Equipment”.

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