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Production Machining - Meeting Medical Manufacturing's Tough Demands

November's Production Machining Magazine featured, "Meeting Medical Manufacturing's Tough Demands," an article written by John Fuchs, author of CTG’s, John’s Corner Technical Blog. An excerpt from the piece on ultrasonic cleaning and the medical manufacturing industry follows:

“Manufacturers in the high-visibility medical manufacturing industry are under growing scrutiny and pressure to ensure that products continue to meet ever more stringent standards for cleanliness. The push to meet these standards is coming from multiple angles. When properly applied, ultrasonic cleaning technology is well suited to play a major role in helping medical manufacturers meet their increasing need for critical cleaning. The mention of the word ‘medical’ brings immediate and heightened awareness to any process, especially cleaning. The life-and-death consequences of medical manufacturing tend to get attention unrivaled by that of any other industry…”

Click Here to visit Cleaning Technologies Group’s online technology library, and finish reading about the role ultrasonic cleaning will play in the medical manufacturing industry.

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