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Ransohoff Introduces Cell-U-Clean Line

RTL Cell-U-Clean Washer

Ransohoff, a division of Cleaning Technologies Group, is pleased to announce the addition of the Cell-U-Clean line to our selection of aqueous parts washers. This new line has been specifically designed to be a compact and effective parts cleaning option for peak efficiency in cell manufacturing environments.

The Cell-U-Clean line was developed with a small footprint in mind. These washers feature single point load and unload to accommodate cell manufacturing configeraturations. Our Cell-U-Clean high-capacity cabinet washers are available in work envelopes ranging from 6” to 36”.

All products in the Cell-U-Clean line feature stainless steel construction and are built with standard off-the-shelf components to ensure long life and ease of maintenance. Our platform-based cabinet type parts washers require little engineering to fit your application, making them extremely cost competitive. They can be set up in a cell to be robot tended or manually loaded.

Despite having a small footprint, the Cell-U-Clean line is extremely rugged. The models in this line have been engineered for performance and cost-efficiency. The Cell-U-Clean line meets the market need for affordable parts cleaning solutions that fit comfortably into systems developed for achieving peak productivity within budget goals.

In addition to its small footprint and cost-efficiency, Cell-U-Clean has been designed to be very maintenance-friendly. Industries including automotive, aerospace, general manufacturing, and any other industry making small parts that can be spray washed will benefit from this innovative new parts cleaning solution.

Ransohoff has a long-standing reputation for building robust equipment that works. Our support team is based in the USA and available for assistance with applications, chemistry solutions, and more. Our years of experience in many different industries has made us adept at finding the right parts washing solution to meet the needs of our customers. Additionally, our lab part testing capabilities assures we have the right equipment to meet every customer requirement.

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