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Ransohoff, a division of Cleaning Technologies Group, LLC, is proud to introduce an innovation in a spray and ultrasonic combination aqueous parts cleaning system. The new Rotosonic (Patent Pending) will clean heavily soiled parts in a single machine, rather than having to purchase a spray cabinet and an ultrasonic machine separately. This new machine gives the ultimate in flexibility, allowing utilization of a single process or both processes, depending on your needs. The machine has a compact design and eliminates the manpower needs as well as the safety risks of moving parts from washer to washer.

The new Rotosonic is the ideal parts cleaning machine for re-manufacturing of automotive, truck, aerospace parts and more. The machine has a payload of 300LBS and a load height of 39”. The ultrasonic tank offers 40KHZ frequency to help clean the hard to reach locations and blind holes. The Rotosonic has a small footprint of 55” deep x 50” wide x 86” high.

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