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Sanitizing Tunnels Provide 360 Degree Sanitization Coverage

CTG Clean Sanitizing Tunnels

Unitech sanitizing tunnels are an excellent solution for sanitizing a wide variety of equipment and products. Our tunnel washers have been engineered to meet application requirements while lowering the risk of contamination and improving environmental safety.

Unitech Sanitizing Tunnel Advantages:

  • Uninterrupted flow of sanitizing solution is effectively applied to all product surfaces
  • Innovative design removes belt from product to allow 360° coverage during the spraying
  • Crevice free construction minimizes risk of contamination

Unitech’s stainless steel sanitizing tunnels are constructed without the use of stitch welding, pop rivets and silicone sealants. This eliminates crevices that promote bacterial growth and cross contamination. Unitech’s sanitizing tunnels are also designed with large access doors and removable end covers, so maintenance and cleaning are simple. The entire system has been designed to provide a fully hygienic operation.

Industries that benefit from sanitizing tunnels include:

  • Food Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Agriculture

CTG Cleaning Technologies Group is your source for Unitech sanitizing tunnels. Contact us today to discuss your application!

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