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See the GMC 3523 GMC Series Ultrasonic Cleaning System on Graveyard Carz

Blasckstone-NEY Ultrasonics and Safety-Kleen have teamed up with Graveyard Carz by providing them with a GMC Series GMC 3523 to assist them with their parts cleaning requirements.  Click on the video link to see more.

The GMC 3523 automated ultrasonic cleaning system features a self-contained cleaning tank designed to simply, safely, and consistently clean a wide variety of parts requiring ultrasonic cleaning. This method of cleaning provides superior results while also providing significant savings in time and resources.

The internal tank working dimensional measure 35” wide, by 20” front to back, and it has a nominal working depth of over 10”. This makes the system suitable from everything from a small handful of components to larger assemblies, and useful for businesses ranging from small shops to large facilities.

Functions and features of the GMC 3523 system include:

  • 7 Day Programmable Timer
  • Liquid Level Control
  • Dual Filtration Using High Temp Filter Housings
  • High Temp Filter Elements 125 and 50 micron
  • Liquid Heat-Up Approx. 2.5 Hours
  • Sound Reduction Package
  • Locking, Leveling, Adjustable Casters
  • Parts Basket
  • Optional features offered include: Autofill, Drain Tray, Heavy-Duty Parts Rack, and more

To learn more about the GMC 3523 GMC Series Ultrasonic Cleaning System, contact the parts cleaning experts at CTG Clean.

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