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CTG Serves the Fasteners Industry with Cleaning Solutions

CTG serves fastener manufacturers with a variety of Ransohoff cleaning solutions, which are well suited to meeting the rigorous requirements of fastener parts cleaning. Our cleaning systems assure fastener manufacturers the highest quality cleaning to meet the toughest challenges and most rigorous standards.

Drum Washers for Fasteners Cleaning

Fastening cleaned nuts and bolts

Ransohoff standard drum washers use both spray and immersion technology. Thorough, but gentle cleaning removes all contaminants from part contours and surfaces. For inline processes, drum/auger washers are typically the machine of choice for headed parts. This is due to their ability to wash large volumes of parts per hour. They can also be placed at the end of a press for continuous flow.

Drum washer advantages include:

  • High throughput
  • Inline with header machine
  • Simple/reliable operation

Rotary Basket Parts Washers for Fasteners Cleaning

Ransohoff rotary basket parts washers have been developed to fit in a work cell area or a smaller production environment. The Lean-Jet RB series of immersion cleaning systems cleans uses our patented washing and rinsing process of agitation, spray impingement, rotation, hydraulic purging through immersion, and heated blow-off drying.

For parts with internal bores and passages, our "triple action" batch cleaning process meets a wide range of challenging parts. The RB series also allows for the integration of ultrasonics for particularly intricate or intense cleaning needs.

RB Series advantages include:

  • Flexible process times
  • Standard process - Wash / Rinse / Dry
  • Small to large batch processing
  • No mixing of parts

CTG meets cleaning needs for a diverse range of fasteners including applications such as:

  • Stampings: clips, brackets
  • Fittings: Copper, brass, stainless steel
  • Fasteners: screws, nuts, bolts, nails, rivets
  • Screw Machined Parts: tire valve stems, fittings, piping components, etc.

Serving a wide variety of industrial markets, our team has the process knowledge and capability to meet your specific needs and the experience required to help you choose the best cleaning equipment purchase.

As a company, CTG is leading the way in cleaning technology innovation, as well as with waste minimization products that are highly energy efficient, allowing for recycling and re-use of the cleaning liquids.

Need help choosing the right cleaning equipment for your fastener products? Contact us today to discuss your goals.

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