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Used Machinery Now Available From CTG

Lean Jet RB-2

Cleaning Technologies Group has added a used machinery section to our website. Here customers will be able to find affordable, quick delivery equipment options to meet their current needs.

The CTG used machinery offering will include equipment from Blackstone-NEY Ultrasonics and Ransohoff that is built and ready to ship, allowing us to meet the needs of customers who require a quick parts washing solution. These machines will include new stock machines, demo and trade show models, as well as refurbished items. Our manufacturing capability and expertise enable us to provide refurbished machinery that delivers dependable performance and value.

Some of our used equipment inventory comes from our customers who are replacing or upgrading their existing parts cleaning systems. Many of these customers have been satisfied with the performance of their existing parts cleaning machines, but have simply outgrown the capabilities of those systems. While providing these customers with an upgraded machine to better meet their needs, we are pleased to offer their quality used machine to a different buyer with requirements better suited to that equipment.

As an experienced and reliable manufacturer of the most advanced parts cleaning equipment and technology, CTG offers the same commitment to quality in our used machinery that our customers have come to expect in everything we sell. All of CTG’s like-new demo equipment comes with a standard new machine warranty. Previously owned and refurbished equipment will have a warranty negotiated at the time of sale.

We are able to offer custom modifications to some used equipment, however it should be noted that the need for modifications may affect delivery time.

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