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The Cleaning Technologies Group, LLC has partnered with Siemens to enhance our Lean product line with  Siemens latest S7-1200 controls package.  This new controller provides more efficient production flexibility, multi-lingual displays, a built in ethernet port, and full automation capabilities, all without increasing costs.  This new controls package adds more analog and real time data capabilities to our ...Read more

January 2010 – Cincinnati, OH Chrysler 2009 Award Cleaning Technologies Group, LLC is pleased to announce that Thomas Haskamp, Regional Sales Manager for CTG, has been awarded the 2009 Environmental Leadership Award for his significant contribution to environmental...Read more

September 2009 Cleaning Technologies Group is pleased to announce the successful shipment of the first, LeanJet RB-2 parts washer, which was completely constructed and commissioned in our Suzhou, China facility. Designed to fit into your work cell area or a smaller production environment, the Lean-Jet RB-2 immersion cleaning system uses our patented washing and rinsing process of agitation, spray...Read more

CTG Asia Facility

CTG Asia Facility

September 2009 The patented "triple action" batch cleaning process of the LeanJet RB-2 was developed specifically to process a broad range of challenging parts, especially those with internal bores and passages. Originally...Read more

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